Mobile Commerce Platform for Beverage Distributors


Transform your Distribution Business with BevHQ's CommerceEngine Platform

Digital Commerce in a post-Pandemic World

The platform allows you to present all of your products in omnichannel digital storefronts. First, we open a business-facing Storefront – for Sales Team and Customer ordering. Then give your Customers a Consumer-facing storefront so they can sell more.
  • One touch ordering – by your Sales Reps as well as your customers – directly into your ERP
  • Deliver Content through the virtual channel – training and promotional videos and other content – right into your customer’s hands
  • Customer Relations improves with reduced errors and self-service ordering 24/7
  • Marketing improves when the entire value chain can be reached in an instant with push messaging

Distributor Sales Teams

More Efficient Sales Teams

Sales teams and managers place orders directly into their ERP with just a few taps on their phone or tablet.


  • All of your customers in one place
  • Easily place orders on their behalf
  • Inventories refreshed in real-time
  • Push notifications to customer
  • Invite your customers to app with a single tap
  • Managers can order for Reps in a pinch
  • Managers can compare reps, regions, brands sales figures
  • Add eCommerce to your website
  • Lower your credit card processing fees (you can even eliminate them entirely!)

Distributor Management

Web-based Admin

The Administration Console lets you manage all aspects of the BevHQ app from a simple web interface.


  • User-management: Add/activate/deactivate/delete users
  • Manage App content like Training>Brand Video channel content
  • Content Management of the Retail microsites
  • Create and send instant push notifications to sales teams and/or Customers
  • Full suite of Analytics

Digital Ordering for Retail Customers

Distributor-powered Retailers

An e-commerce focused app for retail owners to one-touch order products directly from their distributor. Fully integrated into the distributor’s ERP/warehouse. Features:
  • Simple touch or scan product search and ordering
  • Orders pushed directly into ERP/order management system
  • Eliminates need for faxes, calls & emails
  • Dramatically reduces human error and thus returns
  • Training module with Brand Channels
  • Point-of-Sale module for credit card swipe/scan
  •  Mobile and Web Storefront for connecting with customers – product ordering with direct ship to consumer, appointment setting, loyalty and more

Digital Storefront for Retail Shopping

Empower your Retailers to Sell More. Customers buy local and online

You’ve opened your own digital storefront accessible by your sales teams and salon customers. Now give your salon customers a digital storefront to market to their client list. 


  • Instant Setup: Onboarding a retail customer is simple. The store is already built just add a logo and start promoting on social media
  • All orders funnel back to distributor for direct fulfillment to consumer
  • Retail outlet receives commission
  • Distributor gets higher margin on Retail pricing
  • Turns your Retail outlets into Salespeople