More Efficient, Modern and Connected with the CommerceEngine Platform

For Distributor Sales Teams

Fully integrated with your in-house ERP. Now your sales team can tap in orders from the field directly into your ERP bypassing time-consuming and error-prone steps of writing, faxing, calling in orders. Reduce or eliminate costly and embarrassing mistakes, returns and lost time. Spend more quality time with your customers or find new ones instead of writing an order. Managers will appreciate all of the data at their fingertips 24/7.

Invite your Customers to Remote, Digital Ordering

Now you can give your customers a great tool to stay connected with you, even if at a distance. Empower them to use their phone to order from you whenever and wherever they like. You’ll be notified when an order comes in and will have the chance to upsell if you see anything they missed. Puts a little piece of you in-store everyday!

Management Bird's-Eye Views & Controls

When a Manager logs into the app they have the ability to place orders on behalf of their Reps. They can also compare sales numbers by Rep, Brand, Territory and more. There is also a Web-based Console where you can manage users and access full analytics.

Push Messaging to Sales Team and Customers

Push notifications are a proven method of generating client actions – like buying more stuff! A great way for your Reps to improve overall performance by sending their clients' offers that show up immediately on their phone. And Managers can use this feature to immediately communicate with all or some of the Reps.