Turbo-charged Retailers

Start with direct-to-distributor ordering but don't stop there. Packed with features from training modules to Point-of-Sale to your own mobile storefront

For Retail Owners

From restaurants to wine shops, retail owners are enabled to order products direct - to - distributor. Very simple search for any product, add to cart and check-out. Also includes a robust Training module where they can see the latest from Brands, Certifications and more. A Premium upgrade includes full card-swipe/ check-out for accepting in-store payments and a custom mobile storefront.

One-touch Product Ordering

All product ordering experience that would make Amazon jealous. Quickly find products, recent orders or what’s hot with a tap or two on the screen. Got what you like? Click the shopping cart and you are done – anytime day or night – it never closes. Distributor sales reps can order on behalf of their clients or share the app and let them DIY!

Up your Education

As a bonus feature, you can browse through and view a selection of educational products. Also, stay up to date with the hottest blog content and enjoy a large library of How-to videos from the world’s leading brands, mixologists and industry influencers.

A Mobile-first Storefront

The retail app includes a mobile and web storefront you can invite your clients to

When you invite your customers to login to the app they receive their own gorgeous microsite. Invite your clients to download the app to shop (distributor will direct-ship but you get the sale!), book appointments, earn rewards, see curated content, learn the latest trends etc. Now that you are connected you can keep in touch with special offers that can boost your store's sales!

Point of Sale

Swipe or scan credit/debit cards with the PoS module. You wont need multiple apps for multiple tasks with the inclusive and simple to use BevHQ app. And with some of the lowest processing rates available you might save a few bucks as well!